What you will learn

A uniquely rewarding, dynamic and diverse creative industry, a career in event management can be incredibly fulfilling. On a global basis, demand for increasingly extravagant and elaborate events has led to an enormous spike in demand for qualified and experienced event planners. From minor business meetings to major music festivals, the event manager serves as the linchpin that brings the whole thing together. If you thrive on the idea of realising the impossible and watching your vision come to life right before your eyes, event management could be the perfect career for you. With this high-quality free course available from Oxford Home Study College, why not take that first important step right now? Course Content This free event planning course covers the following topics: TOPIC 1: What is Event Management? TOPIC 2: The ‘five Ws’ of event creation and how they apply to the creation of an event concept TOPIC 3: Event Marketing Free online event planning courses that OHSC offers contain the same high quality teachings as our paid courses. This free event management coursehas been designed specifically with distance learning in mind, providing an entry-level overview of both the industry and the profession. There are no deadlines or time restrictions, all course materials are supplied free of charge and our event planning courses online free are open to candidates globally, with no prior knowledge or experience required. Course content on this free event management course centres on three topics of importance, which explore contemporary event management as a concept, the fundamentals of event creation and a variety of effective and efficient event marketing strategies. Upon completion, you may just find yourself with the knowledge, confidence and drive to finally put your career dreams into action. Once again, this course is available 100% free of charge, so what are you waiting for?